concert with projection mapping (2020)
Tomoko Mukaiyama & Reinier van Brummelen

ONE is the series of piano concerts with moving images, where the music and visual story are weaved together.

The visual designer, Reinier van Brummelen creates the complete synchronized images based on films of pianist’s hands, arms, body and keyboard projected on the façade of Cathedral. The film is the combination of analog image and digitalized animations.

The images of Merida and local children are embedded into the structure of music composition.

The project will continue in other cities and continents as ONE , TWO, THREE… e.t.c.


Concept: Tomoko Mukaiyama  + Reinier van Brummelen
Visual Design: Tomoko Mukaiyama  + Reinier van Brummelen
Music : excerpt Jean-Philippe Rameau ”Nouvelles suites de pièces de clavecin’’(1727) “Piano Counterpoint” by Steve Reich (1973, arrangement of “Six Pianos” by Vincent Corver) for piano and sound track
Piano : Tomoko Mukaiyama
Support: Tomoko Mukaiyama Foundation, Fonds Podium Kunsten, Cam-a-Lot camera rentals, Singelfilm Studio’s, Floris van der Lee, Stef van Wijk, Reinier Zoutendijk, Luis Ramirez, Kiriko Mechanicus


11 January 2020, Merida Fest 2020, Merida (MX)