installation performance (2016)
Tomoko Mukaiyama

The idea of home is much more complex than the one you find in storybooks. A home is a safe haven, but it’s also the site of many traumas and abuses. A home isolates you from people, but it also brings you closer to family members. A home gives you the stability you need to travel, but it’s also a trap.

Our HOME is a site-specific installation set in an actual house. The rooms will be filled with music, video, photographs, and movement provided by Ema Yuasa. Tomoko is not performing in this piece, but is involved as a director, choreographer and video maker.


Concept & direction: Tomoko Mukaiyama
Choreography: Tomoko Mukaiyama & Ema Yuasa
Performance: Ema Yuasa
Music: Tomoko Mukaiyama & Dmitri Soshtakovich
Photography & video: Tomoko Mukaiyama
Technical director: Yutaka Endo / LUFTZUG
Producer: Tomoko Mukaiyama Foundation
Co-producer: Saitama Triennial, Japan
Support: Fonds Podiumkunsten


18 AUG – HOMENoorderzon Festival, Groningen (NL)