installation performance (2013)
Tomoko Mukaiyama | Jean Kalman
photo: courtesy by Aichi Triennale 2013


“There was a country where the great national project was to build Towers of Culture expressing the highest level of accomplished civilization. To build these Towers of Culture, which will culminate at incredible heights, the pianos were chosen as the most accomplished art object one could imagine. Piano was art and created art. It was the glorious symbol of the most sophisticated culture. These towers, which went higher and higher, were very difficult to retain. Their fragility and their lack of balance would make them scattered by the slightest movements of the air or of the earth. Newspapers were recording these passing moments of History.
Some wreckage of this great work can be still visited. Deep murk created music, its timbre evokes the consonance which one used to share. In a secret place on the fifth floor of the department store, which used to be a prosperous spot of the city, FALLING invites you to search a journey of your own tale, probably a tale of loss.”- Tomoko Mukaiyama & Jean Kalman


concept / direction: Tomoko Mukaiyama, Jean Kalman
technical coordination: So Ozaki (Japan), Yota Morimoto (Ireland)

Thanks to the volunteers in Okazaki: Fukushima Hiroto, Ishikawa Ayumi, Kokubo Momoka, Uchida Junko, Oosaki Akikazu, Sakakibara Junko, Hasegawa Mitsushi, Ishikawa Ikumi, Suzuki Akiko, Tsukazaki Rumiko, Motoki Kuraudia Akiko, Sugiura Yukari, Oota Sayuri, Tomano Mia, Ida Yuko, Kokubo Kinuyo


production management: Aichi Triennnale 2013
production: Aichi Triennnale 2013 (Japan), Happy Days Enniskillen International Becket Festival (Ireland)
coproduction: Tomoko Mukaiyama Foundation


Performing Arts Fund NL
Yamaha Music Retailing Co.,Ltd. Nagoya shop
Koninklijk Conservatorium Royal Conservatoire
Ishigaki Shimbun Ten (Okazaki)
Okazaki Tsuun (Okazaki)
Marumi Shouten (Okazaki)
Johoku Junior High school (Okazaki)