Sommer Reisen

piano recital (2007)

The technique of having live music compete with sampled city noises surely isn’t particularly new. But here, time and again the ear that is riding high on the music is being pulled back down into the ordinary (or real) world (…). These interruptions — or collisions — hit the listener/viewer with the same violence as Godard’s movies, an effect comparable with that of an alarm clock in the middle of the night.– Tetsuya Ozaki, RealTokyo, August 2007


Sommer Reisen is a series of piano recitals inspired by Schubert work Impromptu. Tomoko worked one summer with students of five conservatories and asked them to record sounds from their city that represented their view of their home environments. Tomoko used these sounds as samples in her concert Sommer Reisen and mixed them with own improvisations and Schuberts works.


concept, piano: Tomoko Mukaiyama


Monnaka Tenjo Hall, Tokyo
DAHA, Sendai
Higashiyama Ongaku Shinkokai
Takino Koryu Kan


Asahi Beer Foundation
Performing Arts Fund NL