Show me your second face

fashion performance (2007)

“show me your second face” was a meditative and intermittently powerful sonic and visual journey. – The Huddersfield Daily, 26 November 2007


In Show me your second face two visual objects feature on stage besides the actual music. One, of course, is the piano. The second is the concert dress Tomoko wears.
Dutch acclaimed Fashion designers Klavers Van Engelen designed the ultimate concert dress. This fashion-installation, made for one musician, transforms from a huge, intriguing installation involving the piano, into the most beautiful concert dress. A surprising development, where music and fashion blend their results on stage in a definite frame of time and space.

Show me your second face_ presents fragments of the following compositions:
J.S. Bach Die Kunst der Fuge -contarpunctus 14, BWV 1080,19, 1750/51
J.S. Bach So gehst du nun, mein Jesu, hin, BWV 500, 1797
Nicolai Korndorf Yarilo
Tomoko Mukaiyama ha-ra
Tomoko Mukaiyama you and bach

photo: Sharon Yor Mosef


concept, piano: Tomoko Mukaiyama
fashion installation: Klavers Van Engelen
lighting design: André Pronk


Stichting Prime in collaboration with Grand Theatre Groningen


Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst
Performing Arts Fund NL