Hello, Pop Tart

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Hello, Pop Tart

On the cd Hello, Pop Tart Tomoko Mukaiyama plays an all American programme that embraces the entire twentieth century. The distinctive feature of American music is the natural mixture of popular and serious music. While European composers until recently were inclined to look down on music for entertainment with a certain sense of contempt, this feature has always been a natural source of inspiration for their American colleagues. Funnily enough the two composers on this cd who stand closest to pop music – Zappa and Zorn – have rather restricted themselves to pure, abstract music.

Track listing

  • Henry Cowell Aeolian Harp
  • Charles Ives Celestial Railroad
  • William Bolcom Graceful Ghost Rag
  • John Zorn XIV
  • William Bolcom Hymne à l’ Amour
  • Frank Zappa The Little House I Used to Live in
  • Frederic Rzewski Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues
  • David Dramm Hello Pop Tart

Product details

  • Label: Bvhaast
  • Release Date: 1998

Listen to William Bolcom Hymne à l’ Amour (excerpt)